Just Let It Go?



When you lose a child, it never gets better. It does not go away. It is always there, right on the surface, always. In time you just learn to live with it.
Other people stop wanting to talk about him. They just want to move on. I understand that. I have been on their side of tragedy before.
But for parents, and especially for moms, it literally feels like a piece of your body was just chopped off! Now you have to figure out how to get through this day without that missing piece. Everything you do is done differently now.
No, we do not sit around crying all day. We get up. We go on. We laugh. We enjoy our family and friends. But, it is always there. Every conversation we have relates to that missing piece. Every tv show. Every song. Everything.


But, the one thing I know is, that if our children could still be here, they would have stayed. If they could have chosen, they would have loved and laughed and lived a long, happy life. But, they couldn’t choose that.
To the best of my ability I will choose the life he couldn’t.


I will talk about him. I will say his name as much and as often as I like. I will not allow the discomfort of others to dictate how much I talk about him. This is mine. No one else has the right to take this away from me. I will keep his name alive.


I wrote this piece especially for the moms who have lost a child. But, for the rest of you dealing with a parent who has lost a child, imagine yourself in their position. Imagine one day your first born, (say their name as you read this) child just vanishes from the face of the earth. Would you just put a period on their life? Would you just go on as if they never existed? The day after, a month after, a year after, at what point could you “let it go”?

Give that some real thought.

Benjamin Luke Davis I WILL speak your name EVERYDAY until my last breath!


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